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Farmacia Telefónica Peninsular contrata a WSI para el SEO de su sitio web - ImagenFarmacia Telefónica Peninsular is a Company in southeast Mexico dedicated to selling and the distribution of highly specialized medicines (medicamentos de alta especialidad) on a national level. The business has more than 10 years of experience in the farmaceutical market.
WSI was first contacted by Farmacia Telefónica Peninsular to create their web site which has an on-line catalog so any visitor can check the different products they have available for their medical needs.
A few months later the Company decided to approach WSI again to implement a SEO strategy which main goal is to generate qualified traffic to the website to increase the sales of their specialized medicines.
The first step we took was to audit the website to identify any improvements we could make on-page like identifying broken links, optimize the url´s according to their key words and also we did some research to identify the search volumen for the three terms the Company wanted to position, which are:

The new content is up on the site in the company´s blog and from there there will be constant posts related to the themes that the prospects of Farmacia Telefónica Peninsular are interested in about the three main terms the Company wants to optimize and they are being posted at Facebook, TwitterWordPress, Tumblr and Weebly. The Google+ page will be claimed, verified and completed  with information about the company.
Remains to say that this type of businesses with such specific terms have a huge opportunity at content generation aiming to educate their prospects and current clients.
Each month WSI will analyze the progress made on the key indicators and a monthly report will be presented to the client to keep him informed of the progress made.
WSI is the global leader in digital marketing.  On average there are over two billion searches done on Google across the world every single day.  Consumers are using the results in search engines to help them make an informed purchasing decision, so if you aren’t ranking in the first page for your specific keywords, you could be missing out on a sale.  WSI would be happy to discuss your goals, or do an analysis of your current marketing activities.
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