Important Services to consider on a College Student Residence

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College Student ResidenceDemand for College education is always on the rise. Institutions are benefiting by offering new bachelor degrees, expanding their campuses and building more facilities in new territories. This has also meant new Colleges being started to supply that demand of more students looking to get a degree.
This expansion has also brought the need for more off campus college residences (residencias universitarias) to accomodate students near the site where they take classes to make it easier and more comfrotable to attend and be able to comply with the rigorous academic schedules. Almost no College in Guatemala offers in campus student housing (hospedaje para estudiantes), also known as student dorms. This has become a real dilemma for out of state and international students that don´t have familiy locally, it´s also a problem for students that live in the city but traffic makes it very difficult to attend classes. This lack of student housing options (alojamiento para estudiantes) in colleges has been covered by some outside college residences (residencias universitarias) with rooms for students (habitaciones para estudiantes) that include all basic services as part of a monthly or annual fee. We provide a list of some of the most important services to consider when deciding on a place for your kid to stay during college.
1. LOCATION: Obviously this is the most important detail. Searching for a place residence (residencia universitaria) that is close enough to the place your kid goes to school at.
2. SECURITY: A house or apartment rented by 2 to 4 college kids probably will lack security even if it´s on a building or gated community. Look for an option that provides 24 hour security.
3. BASIC SERVICES: Student Rooms (habitaciones para estudiantes) should include services (servicios) such as water, electricity, wifi internet, kitchen with fridge and stove, study area and comfortable rooms and bathrooms.
4. PARKING: Many students drive their own cars. It´s very comfortable to have an interior parking space to leave the car at night.
5. EXTRAS: Some other services that have to be considered as optional are room cleaning services, laundry, breakast, excercise areas, green áreas, etc. These could be benefits some resicences might include as an extra monthly fee.
Sending our kids off to college is already a stressful situation with many little things to worry about, food, sleep, classes. Choosing the right Student Residence (residencia universitaria) will make things a lot easier for them and one less thing to worry about during this phase of life that is inevitable.
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