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Hydraulic rotary, valve, and linear actuator manufacturers, The Kerry Company realized their SEO efforts were losing pressure fast. Adept at meeting the engineering design needs for big-industry giants in the steel, mining, power generation and utility fields, its digital marketing plans were falling flat. Luckily, the actuator authority found the perfect solution to pumping up their web presence: The digital marketing experts at WSI.
Custom-made for each application they are put to use for, The Kerry Company manufactures an array of actuator designs, including their popular industrial linear actuators and hydraulic valve actuators. The company’s uniquely designed products stand out from competitors, joining together the advantages of conventional electrical rams (compactness and easy installation) and the advantages of hydraulics (smooth linear motion, adjustability, safety, and reliability) with the creation of actuators that incorporate into a single compact component a hydraulic pump enclosed in a sealed reservoir (including flow, pressure and functional control valves), as well as a double-acting heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder or rotary actuator.
For more than 35 years The Kerry Company has served manufacturers, OEM contractors and engineering consultants, providing exceptional service and high-quality, cutting-edge products that can withstand the extreme demands and environments of a broad spectrum of industrial operations. Designed and manufactured for each client’s precise needs, The Kerry Company quickly and reliably produces precise, reliable, safe, and efficient equipment that is utilized by such industry behemoths as Arcelor Mittal, American Electric Power, Massey Energy and Foundation Coal.
Helping the company achieve significant expansion results both digitally and geographically, WSI created a web presence for The Kerry Company as high-tech and exceptional as its product line. To enhance the company’s searchability and subsequent rankings in Google and internet searches, WSI increased The Kerry Company’s brand awareness and web presence through a custom-tailored marketing plan, including website refresh and blogging campaigns through WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Weebly & Google+.
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