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GTI Travel
GTI Travel is an award-winning corporate travel management company.  An innovative leader in business travel, GTI specializes in helping clients analyze travel policies in order to develop solutions that provide better service with cost savings. GTI offers customized travel solutions to both small and large companies.  With 4000 locations in over 140 countries and the latest in technological travel management software, GTI helps corporations get their business travelers to their destination in the safest, most efficient way. However, despite the fact that GTI Travel has a client retention rate of 98%, they needed some help in reaching new clients. Fortunately, they discovered the digital marketing experts at WSI who are helping them to create a better digital marketing footprint.
WSI is engaged to help bring qualified traffic to the GTI website and convert that traffic into clients for GTI.  For this purpose, we identified keywords to bring in the right kind of visitors to their website. Our analysis showed that clients used both the term “corporate” and the term “business” in their searches.  Moreover, we could see that some clients were searching for “travel agencies” while others looked for “travel companies” or “travel management.” WSI realized that to optimize website presence, GTI’s website needed landing pages for all of these terms. Based on our research, the key landing pages on GTI’s website were identified and those web pages were optimized for all of the SEO keywords we had identified. Some of these pages are:
Now that WSI has completed the on-page optimization of the website, we are continuing with the off-page optimization. As part of the off-page strategy, we are creating valuable content on behalf of GTI and publishing it on blogging platforms such as WordPress and Weebly.  In addition, this content will be syndicated to GTI’s social media platforms.
WSI is enjoying working on behalf of this global leader in travel management and look forward to a long-term relationship with GTI travel.  Most importantly, we are confident that we will have a positive impact on GTI’s business as our digital marketing efforts begin to attract clients who need GTI’s professional services but would not have been able to find them previously.
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