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Halo Medical SpaHalo Medical Spa in Chicago differentiates themselves from other medical spas by offering non-invasive anti-aging and body sculpting treatments administered by a doctor not a “technician”.
Offering many services, Halo was finding it difficult to simultaneously built each service’s business. With no clear focus from a previous SEO agency, their efforts were not paying off.  They sought out WSI because of our expertise and proven methodologies.
Having recently rebuilt their website by another provider,  a new site was not needed.  Halo needed more traffic and new patients.  Pure organic SEO was determined to be the solution.  WSI met with both the owner and the doctor to determine their business goals.  A long term strategy involved concentrating on Botox™ treatments while encompassing their other services in the future.
We performed a site audit to better understand the technical SEO elements that were lacking. After identifying issues that were contributing to the site’s lackluster performance in SERP, we put together a plan to systematically fix those issues.
In addition to providing accurate content for their site that educates the visitor about the service they are interested in, we have also launched a link building campaign and content distribution plan. In doing so, page authority has increased effectively boosting their local SERP presence which has also lead to a 43% increase in organic traffic and inquires. Within 90 days of launching the off page optimization efforts, Halo has had consultations with new prospective patients as a result of WSI’s SEO strategy development and implementation
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