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Interra International - wholesale food distributor
WSI has completed phase two of a comprehensive SEO strategy for Interra International. As one of the leaders in the trade and distribution of food products, Interra is committed to increasing their digital footprint by optimizing content and promoting more products on a continuing basis.
WSI has implemented phase two which includes three more categories of food. The initial SEO implementation focused on:
wholesale pork –
wholesale chicken –
wholesale turkey –
wholesale dairy –
Phase two includes:
wholesale sugar –
wholesale rice –
wholesale nuts –
The newest page optimizations follow the same strategy as the pages in phase one, taking into consideration, industry search keywords aimed toward driving traffic to the Interra International website.
WSI provides monthly content marketing, posting on Interra’s News Blog, as well as their social sites.
Interra News
Tracking and analysis continue, and the website is performing nicely with 4x the number of visits to those optimized Landing Page. Most of the keywords are either page 1 of Search or high page 2 and climbing.