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Tracking AbandonmentYour abandonment rate represents the percentage of sessions in which your website visitor entered your goal funnel but did not complete the expected task. This can be anything from shopping cart abandonment to contact us form fills. You managed to get the user to the destination but they did not convert.
How do you measure and improve on Abandonment Rate?
To track abandonment, we need to measure the how many users arrive at the selected destination but do not complete the process, whether that is purchasing the contents of a shopping cart or hitting the submit button on a completed contact us form. This is done through Google Analytics Goals.
Once you have some metrics on the performance of your online store or contact us form, it’s time to analyze what you can do to improve the conversion rate.
Keys to successful optimization
 The first questions to answer are who, what, and why.

  • Who are you customers?
  • Why are they coming to your site?
  • What are they hoping to achieve by visiting your site?

Successfully answering these questions can help you tune your site to what the user wants and needs. A user-centric design is the first step in successfully engaging with the visitor, thus capturing his/her attention.
The next step is to verify that your goal for the visitor is an easy path to take. One step checkout and form fills with just a few required fields are a few ways to streamline the process and improve your conversion rate.
If you would like to learn more about user-centric design or would like some advice on fine tuning your conversions, we would love to help. Contact us today. Improving conversions and improving the ROI of your marketing budget is just a phone call away.