A Large Online Beading and Jewelry Making Supply Store Enlists WSI to help Revive their Business

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Crystal Findings Inc. is a beading supplies and findings store based in the Philadelphia area since 1996. Their customers are hobbyists who make custom jewelry for themselves, or for selling, as well as retail stores. They have a showroom in Philadelphia but historically most of their business has been mail and phone order. The company was flourishing until a few years ago and a big chuck of their business came from retail stores. But in recent years, failure to adapt to the changing e-commerce retail landscape sent a number of these retail stores out of business. This in turn has affected their business as well and they are looking to bring their sales up, back to the levels of a few years ago.
When the company came to WSI, we saw that they were using a Shopify store for ecommerce. But they knew that they had to move away from Shopify in order to have a more robust and SEO friendly web presence. They had already been working with a developer to build the new website, but that project had stalled due to the unavailability and the non-communication on part of the development team.
WSI was hired to help move the web development project along and then launch SEO to help bring in more sales from the eCommerce store. Since the owners do not want to waste any time in waiting for the website to be redesigned before starting SEO, the project is being completed in three phases.
Phase 1 – Import and organization of products into the newly setup Woocommerce platform, followed by launching the new website.
Phase 2 – Implementing the on-page SEO work
Phase 3 – Moving on to off-page SEO work along with doing a website redesign, incorporating the principles of CRO .
Currently, the Phase 1 has been complete. As part of Phase 2, we are optimizing the site for the following main keywords, among others –

Jewelry Making Supplies – https://www.crystalfindings.com/product-category/custom-jewelry-making-supplies/

Sterling Silver Beads – https://www.crystalfindings.com/product-category/sterling-silver-beads-findings/

Swarovski Crystal Beads – https://www.crystalfindings.com/product-category/swarovski-crystal-beads/

Gold Filled Beads – https://www.crystalfindings.com/product-category/gold-filled-beads-findings/

Stone Bead – https://www.crystalfindings.com/product-category/stone-beads/

In preparation for Phase 2, the off page optimization, we have created blogging profiles for Crystal Findings on the following portals – Weebly, WordPress, Blogger and Medium.
With this setup in place, we are now moving to off-page activities for crystalfindings.com, which includes creating high quality content for their brand and products, among other things.
We are very excited at this stage in the project and very confident that we will soon be able to bring in more online sales for the company and help them transition successfully into the digital age.
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