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WSI’s Natick office provides digital marketing services to local businesses in healthcare, software, retail as well as industrial and legal services in the Greater Boston area. Since December 2016, we have been providing digital marketing services to executive employment agreement lawyer, Rob Adelson Esq., with outstanding results. We are pleased that he has renewed our services again.

As a corporate, tax and employment lawyer with over 30 years of experience, Attorney Adelson has found a niche in representing senior executives in

  1. executive employment contract terms, including duties, responsibilities & authority, compensation and benefits, executive equity compensation, severance and termination, and restrictive covenants,
  2. executive compensation package negotiations, including salary, bonuses, benefits and most important of all structuring equity compensation such as stock options, restricted stock and restricted stock units,
  3. executive separation agreements, including separation terms and executive severance compensation package,
  4. executive wrongful termination issues,
  5. executive retention agreements and change of control agreements,
  6. non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements and non-solicitation agreements.

He has successfully negotiated CEO job offers, CFO employment contracts, COO compensation packages, CTO contracts in the hi tech industry, CSO contracts in the biotechnology industry, as well as executive severance agreements for senior executives in Massachusetts, New York, California, North Carolina, Texas and all over the country. His clients work in biotechnology, medical device, pharmaceuticals, software, telecommunications, e-commerce, financial services, food, retail and other industries. His work as an executive employment lawyer has been recognized in the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald and most recently in the Las Vegas Review Journal.

A frequent speaker and writer, Attorney Adelson publishes articles on CEO World magazine, The Refresher, IEEE Reflector and other publications. During COVID-19, he has written articles that address issues such as employers withdrawing your executive job offer, remote work and job opportunities, as well as triggering severance due to the pandemic. His website now hosts over 50 articles on the subject of executive employment. Recognized by as one of the “Top 20 Boston Startup Lawyers,” he also provides counsel for startups, and has written on subjects such as being as startup CEO, and compensation for pre-IPO company executives.

WSI’s digital marketing program for Attorney Adelson currently includes national SEO and email marketing. Back in December 2016, Attorney Robert Adelson engaged WSI to generate leads using his website. Previously, he had engaged another digital marketing agency for SEO with scant results. His experience with a well-known legal directory’s advertising services was similar. Nonetheless, he still believed in digital marketing and had put his faith in WSI. He had hoped that WSI will deliver for him and we did not disappoint.

WSI started the digital marketing program by performing keyword research and on site SEO. We leveraged Attorney Adelson’s writing and assisted him in publishing articles both on his own website and on other authoritative websites. We performed SEO on those articles on his website.  In addition, monthly blog posts are written and syndicated to several offsite blogs including Attorney Robert Adelson on Medium, Attorney Adelson’s WordPress Blog, Executive Employment Attorney on BloggerRobert Adelson on Wix and Executive Employment Attorney on Weebly, thereby building links to the website as well as enhancing his online presence.

A monthly newsletter is also sent to his contacts with links to his recent article and older articles to help drive traffic to the website. All those efforts have borne fruit. His website now ranks on the first page for hundreds of keywords. He is also getting many qualified leads each month from his website. In his words, WSI’s digital marketing service has been transformational for his practice.  He is happy to continue his digital marketing program and we are confident that our ongoing work will continue to deliver exceptional results for our client.

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