New Senior Living Community Locations Begin Digital Marketing with WSI

New Senior Living Community Locations Begin Digital Marketing with WSI

MorningStar Senior Living, a successful network of senior living communities has grown by one more community located in Pasadena, CA.  As a result, they have teams with WSI to initiate SEO, SEM, Facebook Retargeting Ads and social media management.

MorningStar Senior Living of Pasadena provides beautiful accommodations and a loving, caring staff.  This loving community and home for seniors has both independent living and assisted living options available.  They have amenities including restaurant-style dining, onsite theatre, billiards room, club rooms, fitness center, community store and much more to ensure residents live an abundant life. With a unique mission “to honor, to serve, to invest,” Morningstar seeks to give seniors a carefree and abundant life.  By following this mission, valuing all seniors, and selecting staff with a calling to serve, they create an environment that is a true home for their residents.

After continued success with MorningStar Senior Living’s growing number of communities, WSI has now provided SEO and other digital marketing services to all twenty-seven communities.

You can see examples of newly optimized pages here:

The off-page optimization is already underway for this community.  In addition to registering the community in various business directories, we also utilize guest blogging, on-site blogging, social sharing and posting as well as a shared blogging accounts on BloggerWordPressWeeblySquarespace, and Constant Contact.  These blog posts will have topics ranging from the features and amenities of the individual MorningStar communities, to those of interest to seniors such as keeping healthy.

These combined on-page and off-page optimization efforts should move this community up in the rankings, just as it has for the other MorningStar communities. Monthly reporting will be conducted with the executive directors of the communities as well as the home office to keep them informed of the progress we are making.

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Dry Cleaner Renews Digital Marketing Services with WSI

Dry Cleaner Renews Digital Marketing Services with WSI

WSI has been providing digital marketing services for dry cleaners in Boston since 2010. Over the years, we have developed websites, performed search engine optimization, and executed pay per click Google ads campaigns, email marketing campaigns, as well as social media marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin, all generating outstanding results. We are honored that our client, Utopia Cleaners, with dry cleaning services in Newton, Woburn, Arlington and Boston, has again renewed our services.

Utopia Cleaners is an innovative green dry cleaner. Its founder pioneered a wet cleaning technique that replaces perc, the dry cleaning chemical, with biodegradable detergents. With this wet cleaning system installed in their processing plant, workers are no longer exposed to toxic perc, and the plant no longer produces hazardous wastes.

Most commercial laundry services as well as ourselves at home often use gentle wash cycles to limit the wear on clothing. However, everyday gentle low-temperature washes cannot remove germs and bacteria from sick bed linens, stains, underwear and other dirty laundry. In 2020, Utopia Cleaners began to offer germ-free laundry service in Boston. It uses a special environmentally-friendly soap to remove germs from dirty laundry. This service has become popular not only in Boston but also at its dry cleaners in Winchester, Woburn, Arlington and other suburban areas.

With stores in downtown Boston, Boston South End, Arlington, Newton and Woburn, and a strong fleet of laundry pickup trucks, Utopia Cleaners serves a large metro area with population over a million, including downtown Boston, North End, West End, South End, Back Bay, Fenway, Longwood medical area, Allston/Brighton, NU, BU, MIT, Harvard, Charlestown, South Boston, East Boston, as well as the suburban cities and towns of Cambridge, Brookline, Arlington, Belmont, Winchester, Everett, Chelsea, Wellesley, Woburn, Medford, Newton, and Lexington. This dry cleaning delivery service is free and available 8am to 8pm on weekdays.

WSI’s digital marketing services focus on lead generation through search engine optimization and Facebook advertising. Local SEO campaigns were designed and executed for geographical keywords such as dry cleaner Arlington MA. Subject keywords include wash and fold in Boston, dry cleaning, shirt laundry and others. The SEO program also includes on site blogging which publishes posts on garment care and laundry tips, as well as off site blog posts which are syndicated to a home life blog, a healthy living blog, a home and family blog, a family lifestyle blog and a family life blog, thereby building links to the website.

WSI’s program also includes video posts and video ads on Facebook and Instagram. These ads have successfully increased brand awareness and drove more traffic to the website. Regular posts and special offers are also promoted on Google My Business.

WSI uses Constant Contact’s professional email marketing platform to execute monthly email marketing campaigns for Utopia Cleaners. These email newsletters contain dry cleaning coupons which are also posted on Google My Business and social media sites including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These monthly promotions will help to retain customers as well as drive traffic to the website.

Key metrics such as website traffic, search impressions, rankings, organic links, conversion and conversion rates are tracked using Google Analytics and Search Console. Our client is very satisfied with the results and we are confident that we will continue to be successful in growing their business using our digital marketing solution.

About The WSI Touch in Greater Boston, Massachusetts

Since 2009, The WSI Touch has helped small and medium-sized businesses in Greater Boston to increase their leads and sales. The company works closely with its clients to explore their needs, goals and target markets in order to suggest the best digital marketing solution to generate measurable results. Services include website design and development, search engine optimization, digital advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, ecommerce and more. With offices in over 80 countries and each of them well equipped to bring their knowledge of global digital marketing trends to your business to achieve the best local results, you can trust WSI has the expertise, advanced insight and power to help your business succeed.

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Digital Marketing for a Uniform Store

Digital Marketing for a Uniform Store

A uniform clothing store in Massachusetts recently engaged WSI for digital marketing services. The store, First Defense Supply, offers uniform and supplies for law enforcement, fire and rescue, and emergency medical services personnel.

The police uniform store provides uniforms from name brands such as Blauer, 5.11 Tactical, Flying Cross and Vertx, badges, IDs and wallets from Blackington and Strong, boots, shoes and socks from 5.11 Tactical, Bates, Corcoran, Matterhorn and Thorlos. It also provides duty gear such as holsters, flashlights, body armor, bags, restraints (handcuffs), batons, tactical gear and riot gear from well-known high quality product manufacturers such as Safariland, Uncle Mikes, Streamlight and Bianchi. The customers in the law enforcement sector includes state police, local police, county sheriff, Federal and correctional officers.

The store also provides uniforms for firefighters and rescue professionals as well as gear and equipment such as Fire/rescue gloves, medical gloves, medical bags, and lights from Safariland, Streamlight, Uncle Mikes.

In addition to uniforms for EMS personnel, the store also provides CPR equipment, medical gloves, and medical bags from the popular manufacturer North American Rescue.

Digital Marketing Services Provided by WSI

The store initially engaged WSI to develop a modern mobile-responsive e-commerce website. While it prepares its inventory to go online, the store launched the website with the purpose of promoting discounted police uniform and gear. WSI developed a digital marketing program for the store which includes biweekly email newsletters to its customer list using Constant Contact, as well as frequent social media posts on its Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin pages. WSI performed detailed keyword research and on-page SEO has been done on relevant landing pages as well as the social media profiles. Ad campaigns are also executed on select social media platforms to promote the brand.

The objectives of the program are to increase website traffic, drive more visitors to the store, promote sale items and increase social media visibility and brand name recognition. We will monitor the store’s website traffic and conversions, as well as the followers and engagement on its Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin pages. We are confident that our ongoing efforts in digital marketing will deliver exceptional results for our client.

About The WSI Touch in Greater Boston, Massachusetts

Since 2009, The WSI Touch has helped small and medium-sized businesses in Greater Boston to increase their leads and sales. The company works closely with its clients to explore their needs, goals and target markets in order to suggest the best online solution to generate measurable results.

With consultant in over 80 countries and each of them well equipped to bring their knowledge of global digital marketing trends to your business to achieve the best local results, you can trust WSI has the expertise, advanced insight and power to help you succeed.

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Residential Laundry Service Provider Partners with WSI to Expand Their Customer Base

Residential Laundry Service Provider Partners with WSI to Expand Their Customer Base

Laundry Care Express (LCE) is a full service laundry service with locations in Santa Cruz, CA and San Jose, CA. Founded in 2003, LCE began as a residential laundry service and has since expanded its services to commercial clients. They offer free same-day pickup, next-day delivery for residential clients, and can treat a variety of items including clothing of all fabrics, comforters and pillows, and curtains. Their goal is to free people of laundry while making their washables look fresher and last longer.

To help LCE improve their online presence and rank higher on relevant web searches, WSI began with a digital marketing audit covering their website, top competitors, Google rankings, Google Ad performance and online reputation. Next, WSI designed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to boost LCE’s online lead generation performance.

This campaign included keyword research to understand how prospective clients use search engines to find residential laundry services. After determining the best keywords, WSI created a long-term content strategy that built LCE’s authority for those keywords by incorporating link building into offsite content posted to a wellness blog, lifestyle blog, and a life hacks blog. This led to LCE listing higher on search results.

WSI’s ongoing SEO, PPC, and reputation building campaign will continue to drive consistent new customer growth. At the same time, WSI will track LCE’s review performance through Google My Business and Yelp, and help LCE continue to excel. WSI looks forward to helping LCE continuously improve their SEO and reputation management.

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Financial Planning Firm Partners with WSI for Website Optimization and Marketing Optimization

Financial Planning Firm Partners with WSI for Website Optimization and Marketing Optimization

Best Financial Life (BFL) is a fee-only financial planning firm that serves families in the Bay Area. BFL is founded and run by Joe Morgan, a former Chief Investment Officer of Silicon Valley Bank, who has 25 years of experience managing money for some of America’s largest foundations, endowments, and corporations. BFL’s unique pricing model offers clients unlimited meetings and access for a single flat fee, which saves clients from the escalating fees of most financial advisors.

BFL partnered with WSI Connect to optimize its website by adjusting menu options, adding trust factors, targeting the appropriate buyer personas, and improving its content structure. Also added was a landing page for an ebook about the different types of tech company stock. By improving the website structure and refining its focus on prospects, WSI helped BFL better reflect the high quality and trustability of its financial services.

WSI also helped BFL implement and configure SharpSpring Services, a lead nurturing system, which provides valuable content to prospective clients in the Informational and Consideration buyer stages. SharpSpring also allows BFL to track the timeline of leads, such as when emails were sent, opened, and which links were clicked.

Moving forward, WSI will monitor BFL’s progress through measurement tools including Google Analytics and Google My Business. Specifically, WSI will review data regarding traffic sources, which are the paths through which prospects find BFL (email campaigns, Google search, Facebook, Yelp, etc.). WSI will summarize progress in monthly reports about visitor data, page traffic, and conversions. Additionally, WSI will help BFL edit/revise its blog posts to deliver concise and relevant financial content.

WSI Connect expects to increase BFL’s conversion rate, and further its mission to provide families the knowledge, insight, and inspiration to address the unique pain points of their personal finances.

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OEM Air Compressor Selects WSI for National SEO Project

OEM Air Compressor Selects WSI for National SEO Project

WSI Digital Marketing has recently launched new SEO efforts for OEM Air Compressor located in Broadview, IL. OEM Air Compressor supplies Industrial Air Compressors, Parts, Filters, Pumps, Lubricants, Air Dryers, and everything else related to Air Compressor Equipment to the entire continental United States. The company offers hard to find replacement air compressor parts for all makes of compressors and offers the lowest prices and the best guarantee in the business. They also offer industrial air-end rebuilding services.

WSI, a global leader in digital marketing services, was engaged to assist OEM Air Compressor to improve the online visibility of their air compressor parts ecommerce store which allows companies to save thousands of dollars by repairing their compressors instead of replacing them. Companies can also ship their out of life air-ends to OEM, who rebuilds them to original specifications.

WSI uses advanced digital marketing strategies to assist clients to achieve their organizational goals online. As a global company assisting companies engaged in different industries, WSI brings experience and a knowledge base to more effectively serve clients in world, national and local markets.

OEM Air Compressor and WSI will start the process by insuring the compressor parts pages on their website are optimized for their market with the WSI’s on-page optimization process which includes copy writing, SEO page level strategy and implementation, as well as new page and content creation. The on-page efforts alone should generate more organic searches to the site than ever before.

Some of the specific pages that will be optimized are:

The next step in the national search optimization will be the off-page optimization. WSI will be expanding OEM Air Compressor’s online presence online through an ongoing blogging effort. These high quality blog posts will be syndicated to Reddit, TumblrWordPress, Weebly, WIX, and Blogger and together these efforts are expected to drive them up in the search rankings.

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