A Large Online Beading and Jewelry Making Supply Store Enlists WSI to help Revive their Business

Crystal Findings Inc. is a beading supplies and findings store based in the Philadelphia area since 1996. Their customers are hobbyists who make custom jewelry for themselves, or for selling, as well as retail stores. They have a showroom in Philadelphia but historically most of their business has been mail and phone order. The company was flourishing until a few years ago and a big chuck of their business came from retail stores. But in recent years, failure to adapt to the changing e-commerce retail landscape sent a number of these retail stores out of business. This in turn has affected their business as well and they are looking to bring their sales up, back to the levels of a few years ago.
When the company came to WSI, we saw that they were using a Shopify store for ecommerce. But they knew that they had to move away from Shopify in order to have a more robust and SEO friendly web presence. They had already been working with a developer to build the new website, but that project had stalled due to the unavailability and the non-communication on part of the development team.
WSI was hired to help move the web development project along and then launch SEO to help bring in more sales from the eCommerce store. Since the owners do not want to waste any time in waiting for the website to be redesigned before starting SEO, the project is being completed in three phases.
Phase 1 – Import and organization of products into the newly setup Woocommerce platform, followed by launching the new website.
Phase 2 – Implementing the on-page SEO work
Phase 3 – Moving on to off-page SEO work along with doing a website redesign, incorporating the principles of CRO .
Currently, the Phase 1 has been complete. As part of Phase 2, we are optimizing the site for the following main keywords, among others –

Jewelry Making Supplies – https://www.crystalfindings.com/product-category/custom-jewelry-making-supplies/

Sterling Silver Beads – https://www.crystalfindings.com/product-category/sterling-silver-beads-findings/

Swarovski Crystal Beads – https://www.crystalfindings.com/product-category/swarovski-crystal-beads/

Gold Filled Beads – https://www.crystalfindings.com/product-category/gold-filled-beads-findings/

Stone Bead – https://www.crystalfindings.com/product-category/stone-beads/

In preparation for Phase 2, the off page optimization, we have created blogging profiles for Crystal Findings on the following portals – Weebly, WordPress, Blogger and Medium.
With this setup in place, we are now moving to off-page activities for crystalfindings.com, which includes creating high quality content for their brand and products, among other things.
We are very excited at this stage in the project and very confident that we will soon be able to bring in more online sales for the company and help them transition successfully into the digital age.
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Tracking Abandonment

Tracking AbandonmentYour abandonment rate represents the percentage of sessions in which your website visitor entered your goal funnel but did not complete the expected task. This can be anything from shopping cart abandonment to contact us form fills. You managed to get the user to the destination but they did not convert.
How do you measure and improve on Abandonment Rate?
To track abandonment, we need to measure the how many users arrive at the selected destination but do not complete the process, whether that is purchasing the contents of a shopping cart or hitting the submit button on a completed contact us form. This is done through Google Analytics Goals.
Once you have some metrics on the performance of your online store or contact us form, it’s time to analyze what you can do to improve the conversion rate.
Keys to successful optimization
 The first questions to answer are who, what, and why.

  • Who are you customers?
  • Why are they coming to your site?
  • What are they hoping to achieve by visiting your site?

Successfully answering these questions can help you tune your site to what the user wants and needs. A user-centric design is the first step in successfully engaging with the visitor, thus capturing his/her attention.
The next step is to verify that your goal for the visitor is an easy path to take. One step checkout and form fills with just a few required fields are a few ways to streamline the process and improve your conversion rate.
If you would like to learn more about user-centric design or would like some advice on fine tuning your conversions, we would love to help. Contact us today. Improving conversions and improving the ROI of your marketing budget is just a phone call away.

Richmond Engineering Works Calls on WSI to Help Increase Its Online Visibility

richmond-engineering-works-calls-on-wsi-help-online-presenceRichmond Engineering Works has been providing industries across the nation and worldwide access to economical bulk material handling engineering services for many years. Despite the firm’s ability to design and construct some pretty amazing equipment, however, maintaining its online presence remained a struggle. Knowing expert help leads to successful results, they turned to the digital marketing professionals at WSI to give their online presence a push.
Since 1996, Richmond Engineering has been providing its clients powerful, innovative, and easy-to-use solutions for their control system needs, helping them operate more effectively and efficiently with customized bulk material handling engineering solutions designed to meet industry and site-specific challenges that can pull-down productivity. Integrating industrial control and factory automation, the exceptional practical and scientific knowledge of their engineering staff has produced winning efficiency improvements, from barge unloader processes to coal ship inspection and maintenance services.
Richmond Engineering offers experience in an array of arenas, providing quick turnaround and high-quality results designing customized, competitively priced, efficiency-boosting solutions for:

To give Richmond Engineering the boost it needed to makes its online marketing presence match its high-tech design offerings, the digital marketing experts at WSI engaged the firm in a custom-designed, SEO campaign built to boost rankings and visibility via essential keywords. To enhance success, the Richmond Engineering website was also given a mobile-device friendly facelift, making it user-friendly and accessible to a wider variety of clientele.
With the help of WSI, Richmond Engineering is also further engaging its customer base with regular, informative blog posts through their website as well as offsite accounts through WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, and Weebly, allowing for syndication and sharing among industry professionals.
About WSI – We Simplify the Internet:
WSI is the world’s largest network of Digital Marketing Consultants. WSI Digital Marketing Consultants have helped thousands of small and medium-sized businesses realize their online marketing potential. By using innovative Internet technologies and advanced digital marketing strategies, businesses can have a WSI Digital Marketing System tailored to their individual needs to elevate their Internet presence and profitability to new levels. In 2017, WSI received 7 Awards at the Annual WebAwards organized by the Web Marketing Association (WMA), bringing their total WMA Award tally to 75.
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Private Equity Group Engages WSI

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, LLC, a Florida-based acquisition company has engaged WSI to implement an SEO program designed to attract growth-minded physical therapy practice owners to its web site.  Alliance is backed by GPB Capital, a New York based global asset management firm with a focus on income-producing private equity. GPB provides their portfolio company operators with the strategic planning, managerial insight, and capital needed to enable strong businesses to achieve new levels of growth and profitability.
The SEO implementation covers 20 keywords that focus on what physical therapists might be searching for if they are looking to grow, sell or improve their practice.  The following pages are covered in this phase of the implementation:
WSI will shortly begin a comprehensive tracking program to keep tabs on the results. The tracking will measure links to the new SEO pages, rankings on the keywords, organic entrances to the 12 new SEO pages, as well as leads from organic visitors. Lead tracking includes form submissions, as well as phone calls from organic visitors.
Going forward, this effort will focus on the creation and syndication of various types of off page content.  This will include blogs, directory listings, and social media posts all designed to build links and social signals around the above keywords.  The blogs will be syndicated to Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, and Weebly. As this effort unfolds, Alliance expects to see their brand at the top of the results for all keywords
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