Automating Along the Buying Journey

The Buyer’s Journey has shifted from a generic, seller-controlled process to a buyer-power, self-guided tour.

The process of Discovery begins with Awareness. From not knowing anything about you and your products & services to an awareness of your company and its offerings.

From Awareness, the Buyer’s Journey continues with Consideration. In the past, this is where the seller is involved with the prospect, helping them with valuable information to fuel the Consideration phase in the right direction. The goal, of course, was to move the buyer to Decision with the seller’s company in a most favorable position.

The Buyer Journey past - marketing automation


The shift is to a buyer managed journey….and its crucial to understand your buyer and help with Awareness and Consideration even though these phase of the journey don’t involve human interaction.

The Buyer Journey future - marketing automation


We cannot hope to influence the buyer of the future with static, one-way web sites, generic email blasts, and treating all leads with the same information and conversation. The buyer needs to be engaged as a unique individual in ongoing, two-way, hyper-personalized conversations that leverage:

  • Adaptive web sites
  • Dynamic list building
  • Next generation emails
  • Campaign tracking
  • Dynamic landing pages
  • Dynamic nurture campaigns
  • Social Integration

built on a CRM foundation that supports behavioral lead tracking and lead scoring.

Enter the world of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a suite of tools that enables hyper-personalization through rich, two-way conversations where questions and answers are exchange between buyers and sellers in real time and in context.

If you’re not already exploring the world of marketing automation, don’t get left behind.

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