WSI Alumni Starts Foundation and Offers Scholarships

WSI Alumni Starts Foundation and Offers Scholarships
A former WSI consultant based in Colorado Springs has started a new foundation to teach young people the skills required for goal achievement.  Tom Kuthy, who recently sold his WSI practice, has created a web site to spread the word about his new endeavor:  The Foundation for Goal Achievement.
The mission of the foundation is to become the world’s most comprehensive source of information on goal achievement.  In addition to creating unique content, the foundation will also attempt curate the information on goal achievement that has been developed over the last 100 plus years, and make it accessible from a single source online.
Still in its early stages, the foundation has already created some high-quality content covering the following topics:
The 4 Steps to Goal Achievement –
How to Create a List of Values –
How to Set Personally Meaningful Goals –
How to Achieve Goals –
How to Track Your Goals –
In addition to the content above, the foundation is also offering a scholarship awarded bi-annually to students who have set clear goals for themselves and can document that in an essay. An application for the scholarship can be found here:
All of us at WSI wish Tom the best in his new endeavor!
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