Montessori School Partners with WSI for Website Optimization and Lead Generation

Montessori School Partners with WSI for Website Optimization and Lead Generation

In 1979, the Montessori School of Agoura was founded to serve California families across Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Malibu, Woodland Hills, Oak Park, Thousand Oaks, and Westlake Village. It is a privately-owned school with mixed-aged classes for children ages 2 through 6, and features a prepared environment that supports child development with interactive tools and self-led education. The Montessori educational method is renowned throughout the globe for its individualized approach to instilling children with a lifelong love for learning.

Montessori Agoura has partnered with WSI to attract more qualified visitors to their website, with the goal of increasing their student roster. To do so, WSI has put together two plans: website optimization and lead generation. WSI is currently working through the entirety of Montessori Agoura’s website, revising and adding web pages, and implementing a professional and attractive design. Included in the new designs are social media buttons and website ADA compliance, for easy accessibility.

The updated website will benefit from WSI’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, allowing for Montessori Agoura to rank higher for relevant search queries. SEO best practices involve using correct blog formatting, regularly publishing related and high quality content, and keeping the website updated. WSI will also use SEO tools, Google Analytics, and Google My Business to guide and aid us in our mission to increase Montessori Agoura’s ranking.

For lead generation, WSI will carry out a monthly campaign beginning with four posts on Montessori Agoura’s onsite blog, and four posts on offsite blogs that will build Montessori Agoura’s authority per Google’s algorithm (WellJourn, Weebly, and Blogger). WSI will submit 15 manual directory submissions for search engine indexing, further building on Montessori Agoura’s authority.

WSI will monitor success by reviewing data collected by tools like Google Analytics and Google My Business, then summarize progress in monthly reports. With the monthly campaign, WSI expects to increase the Montessori School of Agoura’s student roster, and introduce more students and families to the time-proven Montessori method.

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Financial Planning Firm Partners with WSI for Website Optimization and Marketing Optimization

Financial Planning Firm Partners with WSI for Website Optimization and Marketing Optimization

Best Financial Life (BFL) is a fee-only financial planning firm that serves families in the Bay Area. BFL is founded and run by Joe Morgan, a former Chief Investment Officer of Silicon Valley Bank, who has 25 years of experience managing money for some of America’s largest foundations, endowments, and corporations. BFL’s unique pricing model offers clients unlimited meetings and access for a single flat fee, which saves clients from the escalating fees of most financial advisors.

BFL partnered with WSI Connect to optimize its website by adjusting menu options, adding trust factors, targeting the appropriate buyer personas, and improving its content structure. Also added was a landing page for an ebook about the different types of tech company stock. By improving the website structure and refining its focus on prospects, WSI helped BFL better reflect the high quality and trustability of its financial services.

WSI also helped BFL implement and configure SharpSpring Services, a lead nurturing system, which provides valuable content to prospective clients in the Informational and Consideration buyer stages. SharpSpring also allows BFL to track the timeline of leads, such as when emails were sent, opened, and which links were clicked.

Moving forward, WSI will monitor BFL’s progress through measurement tools including Google Analytics and Google My Business. Specifically, WSI will review data regarding traffic sources, which are the paths through which prospects find BFL (email campaigns, Google search, Facebook, Yelp, etc.). WSI will summarize progress in monthly reports about visitor data, page traffic, and conversions. Additionally, WSI will help BFL edit/revise its blog posts to deliver concise and relevant financial content.

WSI Connect expects to increase BFL’s conversion rate, and further its mission to provide families the knowledge, insight, and inspiration to address the unique pain points of their personal finances.

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